No SD card installed when clicking playback

I’ve had no issue with any of my four cameras untill the last update with person detection and the new firmware for it . Now ( All Three Cam V2 and my pan V2) will tell me no SD card installed when trying to view video from the playback mode. Sure enough when I go to the setting for record to SD card option it’s off. So I turn it back on and it might stay for minutes or days. But No matter what it still has the video saved like it was never off, So it’s like something is halfway cutting off the option but still let’s it record all the video to the SD card. It’s just a pain to have to go into the settings five times a day just to turn on record to SD card option so I can review the video that’s been saved to it. I cant tell if it’s the new android wyze app or the firmware for the cameras. Please help me

Device model: Wyze Cam v2 and Pan V2 with newest person detection firmware and new android wyze app with person detection option.

Firmware version:

Client device: Pixel 3 XL

App version: 2.4.82