No SD card error?

Getting the error “No micro SD installed” but only on first access after opening the app. Clicking on “dismiss” or “View Events” takes me into the events view and lets me view them anyway?

I am assuming that the error popup is a bug? Not a show stopper, just very annoying. Using latest FW and App version.


Going to ‘View Events’ takes you to events that are stored in the cloud, not the SD card.

You didn’t say what camera you are using, but from that screen I am guessing a V3? On a V2 or V3 the Playback button at the bottom of your screen capture will take you to the SD card recordings.

To check the general health of your SD card, go to Advanced Settings > Manage SD Card. If it says ‘No SD card installed’ before you even complete that sequence, then there is an issue.

Most common thing is the SD card not being inserted correctly. It needs to be inserted until you hear a click. You will need your thumbnail to get the card that far in.

You could also have a bad SD card. You can usually test that theory by plugging it into a desktop.

If bad in the desktop, then maybe a reformat will fix it.

BTW, saying ‘Using latest FW and App version’ is typically useless to us, as there are latest production, Beta, and hardware test versions of both the app & the firmware. Also, there are times you can’t see updates, and only think you are on the latest. And read this a month from now, and ‘latest’ will probably be wrong, lol. So really need proper version numbers instead of ‘latest’. In this case I am not aware of any SD card problems that occurred in any recent versions of anything, so try the ideas above first. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comprehensive answer Newshound. I was misunderstanding how the continuous recording function worked.

The problem only existed upon first opening of the events section, subsequent openings were fine. I know my SD card is ok as even when the error appears I can view playback without any problems.

Incidentally, it appears the problem is fixed since updating to 2.26.16 yesterday.