No refurbished replacement robot vacuum available

I have generally been happy with the Wyze security products. Late in 2023, I bought the robot vacuum cleaner which worked great initially, then started having strange mapping issues. After opening the ticket and being told to reset the map, the issue repeated several more times and I was told to pack the unit and return it for a replacement. I did that and the unit was received by Wyze on Monday (ticket 3622410)

Here is the kicker. Because I bought a refurbished unit and they are currently out of refurbished, I am left without a robot vacuum and have no idea when one would become available (they can’t tell me). They keep telling me to be patient. Frankly if I knew they didn’t have replacements, I would live with the buggy old one and babysit it room by room. still has new ones for $200 if you cannot wait.

Thank you. However that would mean spending $200 of my own money while Wyze is not able to fulfill their commitment to replace a faulty robot vacuum cleaner.

I have a similar situation.

I bought a refurbished vacuum from wyze in November. It would not charge so I sent it back.

  • They wont fix the one I had and send it back to me.
  • They wont send me a different working unit because they have no refurbished units in stock.
  • They wont refund my money

The only options they give me are to accept a gift card for the amount I paid or wait indefinitely for a refurbished unit to become available! And they are not even going to do that automatically! I have to watch for them to become available and then make a request to support that they send me one!

This is outrageously bad customer service!


Easy fix. There’s a guy here who buys V3s and returns them for no reason. Maybe he can be persuaded to switch to vacuums? Instant refurbished units. :rofl:

I was left with no choice and ultimately got the gift card and bought a new unit. It cost me over $100 extra dollars. Not good.