No playback avail until I remote restart Cam

In this virus-caused lockdown, I have two cams in my moms Assist Liv residence. Only one of them needs to be constantly restarted (remotely from my iPhone) because it keeps telling me there is no playback available. After restarting it, it again starts to provide a playback recording. I’m getting so sick and tired of having to reboot the cam in order to get a recording! The other camera never needs to be restarted. Both are identical and both have the same brand/size chip. The building is in lock-down mode, so I can’t get the camera (much less even see my mom). I’m so pissed off at the qc or lack thereof on this item… Any thoughts on why this camera sucks so bad?

I’m going to reply to my own question for two purposes- 1, to see if the notification feature actually works (can’t be too sure with Wyze) and 2, to see if I can ‘bump’ my question up because here it is almost two months later and I don’t have a single thought on why I’m STILL having to reboot this pos all the time!
(Doesn’t Wyze troll the forum and chime in when they know of an issue and might be able to simply suggest a trick or two?!)

From what you are saying it sounds like your are using a micro SD card in your camera. If this is the case you could try taking the micro SD card out of the camera and reinstall it. If this does not work you could also try deleting the camera altogether and adding back as if it was brand new. All of my suggestions require you to physically access the camera but this may be the only way to fix this issue.