No password on network

I live in the middle of nowhere (no neighbors). I don’t need nor want a secured network (and it’s large). I need this camera for security (will be pointed at a door). I don’t have small children (mine are adults).

I bought this camera on Amazon and didn’t see that it would only connect to a password protected network anywhere. This should have been stated in the primary description.

I have zero interest in redoing my entire (large) network in order to use this camera . My computers use a VPN. Nothing else I’m using requires this level of security.

Is there a workaround I’m not finding?

Yup, try setting up a guest account on your router and make THAT password protected. Basically a subnet for your cameras.
Also I think there is a category in #wishlist requesting non-password accounts.
/edit Allow Unsecure (no password) WiFi Networks

You can also add an inexpensive travel router to your LAN, and configure its WiFi with a password. Use it for your Wyzecams.
I use this one, but there are lots of similar products available.