No notifications sent to my new phone: V2 cams, galaxy s21+


I just installed a wyze app on my new galaxy S21+ phone. I already had an existing set of three v2 indoor cams, which were sending notifications on my old phone. However, I am not getting any notifications on my new phone although all the motions are captured/viewable on wyze app.

I have verified that all the notification settings are enabled:

  1. on each camera/device
  2. on my wyze account
  3. the bell icon in the wyze app
  4. on my phone’s notification setting for wyze app.

I do not have any rules set up.

Firmware on all three cams are up to date: version

Note: I do get notifications from other brand cameras (nest cam and arlos) on the same phone.

What else can I try to make the notifications work on my new phone?

There have been a number of reports on the forum in the past few days about this very subject (browse through and you’ll find them). My opinion is a change in the back-end server programming was implemented and not fully tested causing the issue.


I started to get notifications on my phone last night.
Since I have not changed anything, they must have fixed the issue on their end.
Until the next problem…

My notifications and recording on the card stopped last week. I haven’t changed ANY settings. I’m hoping it gets fixed with the “maintenance” this week.