No Notifications on Google Pixel 7

I purchased a Wyze v3 camera and installed yesterday. This is my first Wyze device. I have installed and all seems to be working but I getting no notifications on my phone. I have checked the notification settings in the app and all are correct. I have checked the events and I see that motion events are being captured. I have checked the notification settings on my phone and the Wyze App is allowed to give notifications. So far nothing - not a single notifcation. I have contacted support and they went through the usual stuff - update firmware / software - but still nothing. My phone is a Google Pixel 7 Pro

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Can you post screen shots of all your settings pages? Maybe fresh eyes in them will see something a miss.

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There are 2 places in the App to check notifications. One area is from the Home tab - select your camera. Click the Gear icon upper right and select Notifications.

Another Notifications area is in the Accounts tab at the bottom of the App. Be sure to check both places.


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I have a Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 6. To get notifications to appear be heard, make sure you do the following My Images are attached below each step:

NOTE: you may see multiple WyzeMessages as in my image below. Each one corresponds to a Wyze Sound and another for the default app sound.