No Internet means no recording on SD card either?

So the modem at my house stopped working and needed a new one, the replacement took two days to arrive and once installed i tried checking my 2 pan cam’s thats when i noticed a very weird thing.

since the modem stopped working pan cams did not record anything till the time the new replacement was installed. the video before the internet went out is available but nothing after that till the time the cam was able to connect again.

is this an issue with my 2 pan cam’s or is just a missing requirement / gap coz if these cam’s do not record when not connected to internet i need to switch to some other company.

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Is it possible the reason your modem stopped working was because of a power issue? I ask that because the rule was that the cams will continue to record fine to SD IF they had Internet when they started up. But if they ever lose power, then they need Internet again to return to recording to the SD card.

So a loss of Internet should not stop the recording to the SD card unless the cams lost power at the same time, and Internet wasn’t available when they started back up. I doubt that subtlety will make a difference to you, though.

There has been talk from Wyze of creating an Internet-free mode of operation, but that is not far down the list of priorities at the moment I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

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yes the cam’s might have lost power so that could be one of the reasons,

so it iss something already known and not yet addressed. This doesn’t make sense as the cam’s are mostly being used for security and if the are running they should be recording to SD card at least.

In my case the cam’s are connected with a secondary power source which kicks in within seconds if the primary source is down. but its of no use if always needs internet to start recording. At least i consider it a major flaw.

Yes, it is a major flaw, at least in the opinion of many here. It is one of the many reasons Wyze does not market these as security cameras, although many try to use them for that purpose.


I ran into this issue during the PGE power shutdown in CA. We had power due to our Tesla powerwall but our internet and grid power was off for almost 5 days! Continuous recording to sdcard was not working during the internet outage.