No Instructions for Creating Shortcuts on Wyze Band

I have googled and looked on youtube far too long for HOW TO SET UP SHORTCUTS ON THE WYZE BAND. NOBODY, so far I’ve found actually, fully explains how to do it. I am now on Add Actions and a space to type something ,I can’t figure out anything. I finally found how to click + sign and added my cameras and Wyze bulb. Then, I had not a clue what I needed to type in the place above. I started one youtube 30 min. video thinking for sure he would explain that. He starts with showing you on the band the shortcuts. I’m not happy. I like Wyze and have a lot of their stuff, but if you don’t have good complete instructions of what the device does and how to make it happen, then it’s better to pay more money for a device with instructions. I welcome anybody who would give complete directions on this. Thank you.

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I’d suggest looking at the Wyze support page for instructions or answers in the future. Here’s some articles that might help you:

How to create and use shortcuts

How to use shortcuts on Wyze Band

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I had before posting. I just verified those two articles and they do not give the detailed how to create shortcuts. I finally figured it out sort of.