No Green Markers on Playback

Good morning everyone.


I’ve had my cam’s for about a week. Both of them have SD cards and I’ve marked the “continuous recording” on my front yard camera.

I’ve checked numerous times on the playback for markers to see the 1 minute video, and there are zero marks for any of the days that I’ve had the cameras despite multiple motion detection alerts and 12 second videos.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there video there when you playback from the card? If you have continuous recording set and it’s working, the green markers are irrelevant since they only show where video has been saved. You might want to change to Event Only and see how that goes.

I actually had it switched to event only for the last couple days, and there is no video with either setting.


Hmm… Just checked my other camera, and it has events recorded. I’m wondering if it’s the SD card in the non-working camera. Is there a limit to the SD card size? Or anything like that?

The official size limit is 32GB, although people have gotten larger cards to work. The card must be formatted FAT32 and should be Class 10.

First try unplugging the camera, remove and reseat the card and re-power the camera. If that doesn’t work, try reformatting the card from the Wyze app if the camera is recognizing a card is installed. If not, try formatting the card on a computer.

If none of that works, try swapping cards between cameras to try to see if you have a faulty card.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try - otherwise i just ordered a new SD card in case i can’t get it to work. :slight_smile: I appreciate your help!!