No Detection Result Choices to Pick

Okay so now I have yet another issue with the AI. When trying to tag what actually triggered a motion event to send to Wyze, because the AI gets it wrong most of the time, it doesn’t show me anything to pick. At least 10 recordings to day (probably be many more), had this issue.

What camera type and firmware version, and what phone type and app version?

V3, firmware, iPhone 13 Mini, app firmware 2.33.0 (17).

I deleted the recordings and of course now the new ones aren’t doing it. But what happens is that there are no choices at all to pick from, to submit to Wyze telling them what is in the frame. You know like vehicle, person, insects and such.

All I do is update and monitor! But new updates always bring new bugs. And the new app update still didn’t fix it. Wyze for whatever reason still hasn’t fixed the issues they caused with the previous firmware. Why?!

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OMG, I’ve explained the issues over many threads already but each forum moderator expects me to explain it all over again. Oh and yes, I’ve contacted Wyze and explained it to them all over again as well.

But okay here you go. Live feed freezes after opening a camera. Motion detection grids don’t show live feed, unless I put my phone to sleep and wake it again. Oh and often the recordings are stuck loading and I have to exit out of the the events page and go back in to get them to load.

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