No C Wire on Thermostat but Three C Wires on Furnace

I am having issues with my C wiring at the HVAC terminal. I have more then 2 C wires connected, and when I added my fourth C wire I am not getting any power to my thermostat. So I am wondering if anyone can help. I attached some pictures of both my terminal and at the Thermostat after adjustment with the new C adapter.

![image|375x500](upload://ok uNzODpX8r31HtHEDw6HSQRsOU15.jpeg)

When using the C-wire adapter, you will have to connect the green G wire at the thermostat side (and only there) to the C terminal instead of the G.

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Thanx I’ll try it hopefully I’ll work

It will, it’s easy to miss but the app tells you to label the G wire as C

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Thanks a lot. I got it working and so far so good. I don’t how I missed it.

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