Trouble wiring with no C on the furnace board

I have no dedicated C wire and I’m just confused how to wire it and I could use some help if possible. Here is a picture of my furnace and my old thermostat.

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It seems that the T terminal is the same as a C terminal for Lennox furnace. Is that the brand you have? Try it out if it is.

It’s a American Standard and I have a heat pump. So I’m a little confused where to put my wires. I’m just confused since I don’t have a post that says C and when I go to my Wyze wiring I have a orange wire that I’m not sure where it goes. With the wires the way I have them in the new thermostat I can get the furnace to turn on but the heat pump isn’t kicking on? Any suggestions?

It also on the app says that the y1 and o/b are not connected?? Which you can see are.

Do you have a photo of the wiring diagram on the furnace? Not how it is wired, but the schematic.

Does this help?

Not really for me. I was hoping for something that would show the transformer and associated wiring like a ladder diagram to trace the wiring for the low voltage side. Sorry.

In your old thermostat picture it appears there are two “W1” terminals. With the orange wire connected to the one on the right (which has an “O” appearing on the right side of it) and the white wire connected to the one on the left. The green wire needs to be connected to the “G” terminal It is for the fan.

on the back of my old thermostat the pin that plugged in to the blue spot says C so I was thinking that maybe the blue is supposed to be the C if so would you connect the C adapter to the blue on the furnace?

so on my furnace I have the white wire that is connected to all three w1, w2, w3 when I use the C adapter do I need to connect the adapter wire to all three?

B is usually common if there is also an O wire.

So, for your wyze, hook up red to Rc, orange to O/B, yellow to Y1, green to G, blue to C, and white to W1
You do not need the C adapter.

You could try that. It may work!