Thermostat - 2 wires on Y, furnace terminal has C, thermostat does not, etc

trying to wire my new thermostat…my furnace terminal does have a wire connected to C, but there is no such wire in the thermostat…according to the app, i need to use the C-wire adapter…is this correct?

also, as shown in the pic below, i have 2 wires connected to Y on the furnace terminal

so one of the 2 wires attached to Y and the wire connected to C, are bundled together, making them separate from the bundle of wires that are connected to Y, W, R, and G…do these wires get connected to the C adapter, or do they remain where they are?

here is the thermostat

You would use the C adapter. Leave the Red wire on Y and the White wire on C. Connect the C adapter as per the following diagram:


awesome, thank you…will try that tomorrow and report my results

connected it up today, seems to be working fine…thanks again :smile:

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