Night Vision

Newbie here My first Wyze Cam V2 purchase Previously owned Yi Home cam

Question about Night vision my cam is placed indoor, facing the window and points at porch

night vision ON. however there’s a glare against the window. Is there a way to turn off the LED infrared lights that’s emitted when night visit is on?




Currently, no. It’s either all or none, but the functionality to turn-off the LED infrared lights has been requested (while still keeping it in night vision mode) from what I’ve read on the forums.

It’s being strongly considered for development, but no timeframe has been announced.

This option will make cameras put behind windows much more useful at night and can be a good selling point for the camera.

I’m surprised they haven’t done it sooner That feature is available on my Yi home camera

You mean you cannot turn off Yi cam’s LEDs while having night mode on ? Which models have this feature ? Thanks!