glare from window

I just got my wyze cam and want to use it to watch my car port by mounting it on my window sill from the inside. I cant use it at night because of the glare from the device. I saw on the directions where some members have had there own fixes to solve the problem. I can’t find any reference so I will throw it out to the members of this forum and ask “How do I get the glare from the device to stop blocking my night vision?”

You can try to cover the LEDs with black tape. When the night vision is on, you can see the LEDs as four small red dots. People have had varying success with this.

There is a frequent request to be able to turn off the LEDs but leave the night vision active. Hopefully Wyze will be implementing this, but no word on when.

Other than that, turning off night vision and supplying regular light outside is about the only option.

I used very thick guerilla duct tape to block out the LEDs but it didn’t work well. There is some internal reflections polluting the image. I read a moderator saying the feature to turn off LED in night mode will be available in next firmware update ? One person mentioned Yi cam has this feature. I ordered one Yi cam but cancelled the order after finding Yi cam works with its app only. I want to view multiple cams using tiny cam pro.

One thing I notice yesterday when I set up tinycam pro in my Fire TV. I didn’t put IP address and it still works! This saves some typing. Just login, password and then choose channel #!

I would also like LED on/off functionality added.

Probably a lot of customers would like to put the camera on a window sill looking out.

Black tape fix is not a real solution.