Night vision through glass? Any tricks?

Thank you so very much!

I am going to try the 45 degree angle tonight to see if it works. It’s really bothersome that it isn’t all that functional with the led lights blaring into the glass. The camera’s inside the house are great, just not the one pointing outside.

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i just bought mine and have been playing around with it to cut back on the glare. angling it differently helps but is not a perfect solution. Any new solutions since the last post?

Are there any materials out there that are both transparent and non-reflective?

Thanks for the detailed information. You made me think a little because I normally think those numbers in nm and you gave a lot of them in um. Note that you crossed up um and nm a couple times. I’m sure you meant to say that the IR on the Wyze camera operates at 850nm - not 850 um which would be way far IR…


I just discovered this (below) for taping over the camera. Since it’s cloth, it is totally non-reflective. I covered the LEDs with it as well and have absolutely no reflection off of the glass it points through.

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Loki … I’m going to try this approach but need some guidance on where to place the tape on the face of the camera/IR light (or are there multiple lights). If this works in a reasonable fashion by reducing the reflections off the glass it seems like the best solution for me. Is it possible to provide a visual of where the IR lights are located?

Since my post three months ago, we now have a beta app that will let you turn off the IR LEDs even with Night Vision on. So I would either sign up for beta (see the #beta section) or wait a bit until it’s released fully.

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My camera is mounted inside pointing through a window to my front entrance. I turned off night vision and installed a cheap motion-activated battery-operated light outside. It works pretty well at night.