Night vision switching to "Auto" randomly

Using two Wyze Cam V2s to monitor sleeping baby. Have both cameras Night Mode set to ‘On’ instead of ‘Auto’ because the clicking sound the camera makes when switching from regular to night vision wakes the baby.

Unfortunately, both cameras keep randomly switching back to ‘Auto’ and the clicking is waking our kid. I generally have the app running on my iphone for a couple hours while she is sleeping. I’ll check that night vision is set to ‘On’ yet after X amount of time (10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.) I’ll hear a click, see the baby stirring, then change it back to ‘On’. Interestingly, the ‘Auto’ designation is only showing on the live stream page. It always shows as ‘On’ in Advanced Settings.

This issue basically makes the cameras unusable because, well, who wants a camera that wakes their kid?

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @bostonsquared. I can understand your issue!
Have you updated both your app and your cams firmware to the current versions?
For the app, check the AppStore for an update. For the Firmware check from the cams Main Screen, Settings/Device Info/Firmware Version.

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Any chance the cameras are in a group? If so does the issue still happen if un- grouped?

Thanks for the reply. Both the app and firmware are up to date.

(Firmware v

They are not in a group.