Night vision constantly cycling?

Having an issue with a V2 cam where any time I try to view it live at night, the night vision cycles on and off constantly and won’t stop until I exit the live camera view. After so long, it eventually settles back into night vision mode until I view it live again. Then it cycles nonstop until I exit live view.

Anybody else ran into this? How do I make it stop other than turning it from ‘auto’ to ‘on’?

Many people (including me) have run into a similar issue where a camera will switch back and forth a lot at dawn or dusk, taking a long time (minutes) to make up its mind whether to be in day mode or night mode. What you report is different: non-stop switching behavior triggered by going into Live view.

Suggest you open a ticket with Wyze. The two bugs might be related.

Make sure there isn’t something highly reflective in front of the camera. Something highly reflective can cause the night vision to constantly cycle.

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