Night vision modification

Is there any way for night vision mode to stay like this? This shot is from the transition period at dusk. I love the clarity of this as opposed to the dark mode with the IR light.

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Unfortunately, there is not. The reason is that in your image, there is still enough ambient light in the distance to produce a good image, even though it’s in IR black and white mode. The IR lights in the camera are just not strong enough to reach out that far. One solution that some folks use it to purchase an inexpensive external IR blaster (many available on Amazon), to supplement the IR lighting to get better night vision range.


@Loki‘s post gives a good suggestion. I use an external IR light on several of my cams and get a good picture - not as good as ambient due to the lack of any color, but very clear. Important thing here is to get a light with a wide flood field as opposed to a spot.
I use this one:
Gives this FOV:


Does this help?
Camera settings - advanced settings

Looks like you can turn night vision on, off or auto.
Also turn on or off IR lights only when night vision is active.