Night vision and IR

Do I leave IR and night vision on Auto? Does it need ti be on for both.

If I have night vision on Auto it will only use night vision when it sees motion correct?

If you leave night vision on auto, it will only use night vision when it gets dim/dark but it will stay on night vision the whole night.

THEN, it will still only record cloud events when it detects motion, but if you have an SD card recording continuously, then it will record the entire night in night vision on the SD card.

If you leave the IR on, that will only be used at night. If you leave it off, then it won’t even turn on at night, it will assume you have your own lighting source instead.

Wow. Thank you for the response.

So I don’t need IR on and nigh vision on at the same time, right? It sounds like they both do the same.

The night vision and IR will have nothing to do during the day, so the camera will be in color, right?

So, the night vision toggle just tried your camera whether it should use the camera’s IR filter lens or not so it can see IR light when it’s dark.

The IR toggle is what makes the camera shine IR lights so the night vision filter can see better. You may not need this on if there is another camera shining IR lights or regular lights.

So technically, no you don’t need both on at the same time, but if you don’t toggle on the IR lights, it’s possible the night vision filter won’t have any light source. And if you don’t toggle on the night vision, but do toggle on the IR (if it lets you do this), your camera will never use the IR because it can only work when it’s in night vision mode anyway.