Night Shift feature equivalent for Wyze Bulb


It would be great to have an option to have color temperature change according to the time of the day, à la Apple Night Shift.

It would also be amazing to control this feature using Amazon Alexa!

Thank you!

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@fgladu When the Wyze Bulb is released, the Shortcuts feature will provide the ability to set the bulb’s color temperature. Since shortcuts can be automated by time of day, this will accomplish your request.

Great! Thank you! But still, it would be nice to have it as a direct function.

If by “direct function”, you mean have it listed in the bulb itself’s settings, then yes, I could see where that would be a little more convenient. However, Wyze has chosen to implement all time/day based automation via the shortcuts feature (eg. camera on/off, motion detection on/off, etc), so I don’t think we will see that happen.

Thanks for your input!
It doesn’t hurt to ask! :wink:

Do you think you could help me move this to the wish list?


Have the Bulbs now and this feature is needed… you get 3 scenes I have 1 at 100% daylight 1 50% full yellow and then 1 at 1% full yellow

I would rather have it adjust similar to how I have Fl.ux in my PC adjust my monitors as the sun is setting.