Newly installed thermostat 2 refuses green wire and won't run fan

Now have 11 Wyze devices in 2 dwellings. Just bought identical second thermostat, same firmware level 1.2.1, etc, but the new one under Controls refuses to turn on the fan only, does not offer the option, while the old one still does. During installation today, it insisted I disconnect the green wire, and would not let me proceed until it was disconnected, would not Skip. What the heck is going on here? Thanks.

Also very disappointed in some user interface disconnects even as an experienced user. It is unclear on the app how schedule blocks work, that you scroll vertically to set things, etc. More end user testing and improvements would be good.

if it’s insisting you disconnect a wire, then you probably didn’t tell it your old thermostat had that wire.

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But I’m sure I carefully did. I wish I had done a screenshot. All I can think to do is to power off and reboot the thermostat and walk through it again. I will try that.

Thanks for the help. I re-added the thermostat very carefully, and now it accepts the green wire and allows fan control as desired.

I figured out what went wrong. In case anyone’s listening, here it is: early in the installation, I was told to take the Rc/Rh jumper out, and I did. Then when selecting available wires, I wasn’t sure if I should mark Rh, or Rc, and for that matter which one to connect with, it never said for sure. Apparently I marked Rh and Rc, counted to 5, and missed that green was not selected.

Rather annoying to never get clarification on what could be wrong, also having to completely factory reset the thermostat to pair with it again, and walk through absolutely everything just to fix this. Lost schedules and all. The opposite of never telling a user an error condition they don’t know how to handle, is telling them a problem without explaining why it’s an error and how to fix it. Like in this case, when it forced me to unconnect the green wire, it could have said, because you told me before you don’t have one, do you want to back up and fix that?

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