Newbie to V3, Question about facing busy main street

I just got the V3.
Unfortunately home is facing a main road.
I have played with all the settings etc.
Hoping to find help /solution here.

Can I just set Event Recording (no Motion as it captures every car, bus etc) >Smart Detection >Person Only?
Just want the cam to record person /trigger alert on walkway on in front of house(ie. mailman, delivery).

Setting perimeter?
Will cam just detect for that area only?
Have set it from front door to end of walkway before sidewalk starts.

SD card?
Currently have 64gb for continuous record, anyone knows how or if I need to format to exFAT

So basically want to use SD for continuous recording, and only detect person to trigger an alert.
Have the free trial Cam Plus, can also go w/o SD and only use Cam Plus, but it’s been triggering alot of motion with every passing car,. Worry about killing my wifi, as I haven’t no idea how much data it uses to upload to the the cloud. Because its been creating event every min.
Hope to suggestions and ideas.


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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @MizzG!

I have a cam facing the street as well that, without proper tuning, is VERY noisy. Lots of cars and people. Every single motion will start a Motion Detected Video Event. The AI usually mistakes something in the frame for a person and alerts constantly without setting restrictions.

What I have done to quiet the cam:

  1. In the Detection Settings I set the Detection Zone to block any movement in the road. The walkway doesn’t need to be blocked, just the road. Even if the cam only picks up the movement of their feet on the walkway, it will still consider the entire object attached to those feet when trying to tag it w\ AI. This is their Overlap feature.

  2. While I do record all motion events to the cloud, I only set the CamPlus AI Smart Tagging in the Event Recording settings to People and Pets.

  3. In the Notification Settings, with the older Firmware, I set the notifications to be sent for AI Events Only, NOT “any other motion”. With the new firmware feature, I can toggle on and off each AI notification type.

  4. In the Events Tab, I set the filters to ONLY show me the AI events, not all the motion only events.

  5. In the Detection Settings, I slowly over time adjusted the Sensitivity from max 100% down to a level that was comfortable to me. But, I do not have any ISP data cap to consider either.

Yes. The cam will only start a Motion Detected Event upload when there is motion within one of the included DZ blocks. It will consider only objects within that included DZ when trying to determine and tag AI unless there is overlap, in which case it will consider the entire object, even if it overlaps into the excluded DZ.

There is no requirement to format to exFAT. The cam does support cards that are formatted exFAT, but it is not a requirement. Insert new card…record. I always reformat all cards using the cam format feature in Settings :gear: → Advances Settings → Manage SD Card → Format. This gives the card a fresh FAT32, which I prefer. I use HE 256GB SD cards.

SD Recording and CamPlus Cloud Event Recording are completely seperate and unlinked.

So long as you have “Record Motion Events” toggled on in Event Recording, it is uploading EVERY motion activated event video for the AI to look at on the server regardless of what you have checked in the Smart AI settings. The more motion activations you have, the more uploads.

If you are worried about capped bandwidth data usage on your WiFi, the above suggestions with the Detection Zone and lowering Sensitivity should help with reducing Motion Activated Event uploading.