Newbie not getting notifications

After much research and many pre-buyer questions answered on this forum, I settled on Wyze. Installed my first cam, the v3 yesterday. I’m pleased with most everything so far EXCEPT one critical thing. I’m not getting any notifications on my Android. I did find another thread from a user that appeared to have the same problem, but being new, I’m not sure.


My Adroid is running OS v10
Running the latest version of the Wyze app available in the Play Store (v2.33.1.162)
Cam v3 updated to the latest firmware version during setup:

In the Wyze app:
For my v3 Under settings > notifications (I see PLUS because the cam came with 3 months free). All notifications are turned on.
Under settings > event recordings I have Detects Motion ON; Detects Sound OFF. Under Smart Detection, everything is ON (except Friendly Faces, as I don’t have PRO).

Under Account > notifications > in-app notifications is ON. The 2 promotional settings are OFF;

Push Notifications is ON; VOIP is OFF
v3 Device: all sliders are ON
News & Updates: OFF
Text Notifications: ON

On my Android:
Under Settings > Apps > Apps > Wyze > Notifications is ON. Further, under Notifications Manager: Allow notifications is ON, Gentle notifications is OFF, Banners is ON; Lock screen notifications is set to Show; Sound is Hand Drum; Allow interruptions is ON

The settings for Wyze on my Android are the same as I have for my Ring doorbell and it notifies me on my Android of any motion.

If I go into the Wyze app, I can see events for motion listed, but there are absolutely NO notifications on my phone. Walking outdoors to test notifications, my Ring doorbell detects me and sends a notification, but walking in front of my v3, no notification :frowning:

Also of note, in the EVENTS section of the app where I can see the events, virtually every one is tagged simply as Motion. Before installing the cam, the night before I was doing some testing and saw events tagged as Person. The events tagged as Person were all indoors. I’ve never seen an event tagged as Person outdoors despite several tests that were triggered by a person (namely me in my tests to see if notifications were working). All of those tests were tagged simply as Motion. I thought one of the advantages of paying for PLUS is all of the smart detection. If identifying a person doesn’t work, then I’m going to have constant notifications (if I can ever get them to work) for leaves blowing in the wind, when I really only want to be notified for people and cars (and packages once I get my Wyze doorbell installed).

In summary: not getting notifications on my Android EVER. Outdoor events of motion by people are never tagged as People.

Am I missing settings that need to be changed?

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HEllo! i am still reading your post and going through your nice added details, but i wanted to start off by asking if you tried the “smart support” feature in the app? Click Account, then Support, then “Smart Support” at the top. Then follow the prompts.

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I had not, but after reading your post I did and retested. Running through the procedure, as far as I could tell, nothing got changed and at the end it said “No more issues found! You should now be receiving notification from your device.”.

Upon retesting, I’m still not getting notifications.

Before posting my initial question, I came across a similar thread (V2 and v3 cameras with camplus notifications don't notify). I’m thinking if this was a problem with the firmware update a lot of people would be having this issue and there would be a lot of discussion about it. Not finding that, made me wonder if it was newbie error on my part.

Sorry if I missed something, lots of details :slight_smile:

So you are getting motion events from the cam in the events tab, but not getting notifications for it?

Try clearing the app cache in account > app settings and then force close the app. Check the notification settings again and make sure stuff is enabled. Try toggling notifications off and on.

If you have a diffrent phone you can share the cam to, see if works there.

Make sure the bell icon on the Wyze app Home Screen doesn’t show ZZZ

In a nutshell, I was trying to say that I believe I have everything set the way it’s supposed to be, But maybe not, since it isn’t working.

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m seeing.

Just tried all of that and it didn’t help.

I grabbed an old Android (it’s running OS v8). Rather than sharing, I just installed the Wyze app on it and logged into my account. I went outside to trigger an event and as usual I see the event on the Events tab, but no notification on that phone either.

I’d already checked that, but checked it again.

I’m beginning to wonder if the problem is with the firmware version that I upgraded to when I configured the cam for the first time. A user in the thread I quoted above said their notifications stopped when upgrading to firmware which is what I’m on. Are you on that version and you get notifications?

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Update. When I replied to this post 1/2 hour ago there were no notifications on the old phone. I was in the midst of doing something else and heard update after update coming into the old phone. I looked to see what that was all about and see there are now a bunch of Wyze notifications. Yay!

So it’s working on the old phone, but why not on my current phone.

I’m going to uninstall the whole app on my current phone and reinstall to see if that helps.

Stand by.


Thanks to @IEatBeans for the suggestion to try to get notifications on another phone. That lead me to see that notifications from the cam work and then it was a matter of uninstalling the app and reinstalling it on my usual phone to get everything working.

I had talked to tech support about this problem last evening and didn’t get much help. I was hopefully optimistic that I’d get the solution from this forum and indeed I did.


Glad you got it!

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Does uninstalling then reinstalling the app delete any of your setups, rearrange devices, delete your shares?

I can’t speak for everything you asked, but given that all of my configuration changes were still available after un/re-installing, I suspect most everything is.

Good to know, thanks. Mine was fixed by turning notifications back on for the Wyze app. I had so many Alexa routines that said or did things that I didn’t realize I was missing basic notifications from Wyze. The one time I needed the contact sensor to let me know when the door was left open for so long, I couldn’t get it to say or do anything.

Quick question, do I have to have subscription service to get notifications?

No. You can get notifications of events and have a thumbnail shown in the event tab of the event. You can only get sound and general motion notifications. If you subscribe to Cam Plus Lite (for as low as $0) your presented with 12 seconds event clips to the cloud plus person detection, and if you subscribe to Cam Plus you can get complete motion clips to the cloud with more choices of AI tagging.

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Then I am out of options here. I even joined the beta and downloaded the beta app that supposedly fixes notifications and am still not getting a single notification.
I’ll get a detailed info on my setup ready in few

Two avenues of troubleshooting here, are you getting events in the event tab but no notifications? Or are you not getting events in the event tab and not getting notifications?

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Sigh, I had no idea there was such a thing called cam plus lite. I remember I had it before a certain camera update when notifications were working, I never thought to check to see if it was turned off after the update. I reactivated it and I am getting notifications now.

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Ugh. After fiddling with trying to get notifications on my unsubscribed cams once again, replete with brand new sd card and I see this. Yeah, zero notifications any which way I tried to do it until I subscribed to ‘cam plus lite’. Notifications and local recordings worked fine for me for a few years, but I’ve just been using them as live feeds the past year or two, V1 and V2 cams.

So the idea of using these without any subscription for reliable basic motion detection and local sd card recording is basically not true.

Since that capability obviously doesn’t work for many without a subscription, and I spent parts of yesterday and this morning trying in vain, yeah…that’s a $0.00 “donation” too.

I was getting notifications for a while and then all of a suddent they stopped.

I have 5 V3 cams in a group and they constantly stop giving notifications. I have to go up to bell on home screen and it shows zzz so I tap it to turn on notifications. Go back in a few hours or even minutes and it is again zzz. Why does it keep shutting itself off? I missed someone walking up and stealing a package that was delivered because it had shut off notifications and I didn’t catch it. Cams are not updated to latest because every time I check it says I’m good.