New Wyze Thermostat to Control Zone Valves

I love what you’re doing and try to support you. I like a lot about what you’ve done with your new smart thermostat. But I was shocked and dismayed that it will not work to control a zone valve. I cannot speak for the entire country, but in New England, this is by far and away the most common thermostat. Personally, I have seven zone valves and a couple of them would be nearly impossible to run a “C” wire to. So, I was really excited about your new product that does not require the installation of a “C” wire. What a shame for me (and for all of us with zone valves) that you failed to accommodate this type of thermostat. Please make it a priority to address this.

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It would be helpful to know how one thermostat can control one zone valve. It seems all the wires needed, including access to the common, would be present at the valve. Since the common would be there to control the valve itself. Shouldn’t it work? Am I missing something?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the question. Sorry for the delay in responding, we lost our internet in an early winter storm, but all is good again.

In a hot water system, one thermostat typically controls just one zone valve (I’ve never seen an exception, but it is theoretically possible, but would definitely be a compromised system – water would always take the easier route). All zone valves are typically very close to the boiler, but they don’t have to be. But for economic reasons (i.e. piping and accessibility) they usually are.

Yes, the C wire is present at the zone value which is close to the boiler typically in the basement (if there is one). Mine is indeed in the basement. The thermostat for my bedroom is on the third floor. I’ve been able (with considerable difficulty and some luck) to snake the C wire to the thermostat for the second floor. Getting a C wire to a thermostat on the first floor was relatively easy, but not easy. Getting one to the third floor was out of the question (would have required drilling large holes in finished walls and snaking through multiple sole and top plates (2x4’s and 4x4’s). Without providing a detailed explanation of the difficulty and damage that would be done, trust me, it’s not worth it.

It’s obvious that you’re not familiar with this type of heating system. As you learn more, I’d be happy to help further.

Thanks for your interest. Would love to see you solve this problem.


Thanks for the offer! One we get these in I may need you. I lucked out with the long run being a 5-wire already, and my two 2-conductor wired thermostats that need a new wire are in the wall directly above and adjacent to the boiler. Guess I’ll see how it goes.

Good to know the C wire is right there at the valve.


Hi Mike,

Would be happy to help when you’re actually doing your project. I may be a little challenged if your doing it in more than a few days. I’m headed to Florida for the winter and all we have there is a heat pump. I’ve installed a lot of zone valves without ever knowing about a “C” wire (wasn’t important). But your zone valve needs power. The line that brings it is your “C” wire. The zone valve sends power to the thermostat. When the thermostat calls for heat, it sends the power back to the zone valve on a different terminal. That opens the valve very slowly. When it is opened, it sends a signal back to the boiler that it needs heat. Yes, that’s the three terminals on your zone valve. Can’t tell you which is which, but the instructions that come with it should tell you that.

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I have been in the Automation and HVAC business for the last 41 years, and see a opportunity to create a simple zoning system from your Wyze Thermostats, has that been explored? If not I have some good ideas!

A zoning thought

Wyze Thermostat for main unit controller, which determines heating and cooling mode, and compressor or heat stage enable.

Wyze sprinkler controller controls damper or zone valve position. It would be best to have 2 contacts per zone for power open power close, probably need to use more than 1 sprinkler controller.

Wyze’s new 3 in one remote controls sprinkler controller to control dampers or valves. Wyze Thermostats could be used here as well but a wireless battery version would be nice to reduce wiring.

It would help if there could be a variable defining zone % load to limit system speed.