Wyze Thermostat compatibility with G wire

Hey everyone!

I recently ordered the Wyze thermostat, and like a lot of other forum posts I’ve found on this topic, I ran through the compatibility checker and was met with the bad news. I kept researching different reasons, and have seen a couple of different answers.

In my home, i have oil based water heating, as well as central air. The central air is controlled by this main thermostat, however the heat is in different zones, all heated separately by the same system (through different channels throughout the house), and by separate thermostats.

In my current thermostat, the wires are as follows;


Obviously since there is no C wire, i assumed i’d have to use the included adapter, but the issue goes beyond that. During my research, i learned that the G wire controls the fan i have in my attic that helps reduce the heat from the attic space, and i’ve found a post here on the forums referring to a 3 wire system that is incompatible due to the G wire, which sounds like it would work for me (use the G wire as a C wire and jump the G wire with the W wire in the control module), but i’ve got more than 3 wires.

I know in the compatibility areas it states zoned systems aren’t compatible, but i just want the thermostat to read the temp, and either turn on the heat/ac, or turn it off.

Is it possible with my current set up?


Not sure what the rules are against bumping a post, but hoping someone can help me with this here so I know if I need to return the thermostat!


In order to figure out compatibility, I’d need pictures of your current thermostat and the other ends of the thermostat wiring- if that’s at a zone control panel, then that would work,

Thanks for the response! In regards to the thermostat that I’m trying to replace (which is part of one Zone for heating, and controls AC for the entire house, the AC is not zoned) looks like this;


The other end of the wire goes into this control panel as pictured below;


Let me know if you need any other photos to better understand my home’s setup.

Thanks again!

Some additional photos of the control panel;



This is a burglar alarm or fire alarm, not a thermostat zone panel. the “zones”" listed are for smoke detectors or door switches.

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Huh… I can’t seem to find exactly where that control panel is. I’ve got my boiler in a utility room in the basement, and the HVAC unit in the attic. I checked the utility room and can’t find where that can be. I think i’ll have to check upstairs, any advice?

the boiler probably just uses valves with end switches to operate the zones, no real zone panel needed there. The ac in the attic would be where i’d need to see the hookup, especially with the fan