2 wire thermostat, 2 zone camp

Hello there, I have a camp with two zones, one is for under the house to keep the water pipes from freezing, the other is for the living space.

I have the wyze thermostat ready to install but don’t really know were to put the c wire relay that came with it. I’m guessing it needs to be installed in between one of these boxes? There isn’t a circuit board that I can see. If you have input on how to find out witch zone is which…

Trying to prevent paying $400 to the HVAC guy :grimacing:

With your aquastats, you will need to get a 24VAC wall plug adapter, and wire it to Rc and C. Then connect the Rh and W1 terminals of your wyze to the red and white thermostat wires respectively. You cannot use the C adapter included with the wyze for a boiler with aquastats. Tell your wyze that your “old thermostat” has those 4 wires (Rc, C, Rh, W1)

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Oh wow that would be super easy. I was talking to a local HVAC guy and he was saying he needed to make/buy a relay, he’s charging a lot because he’s unsure what will work
I do have a 24v adapter so I might try this out before I leave the camp,… but it’s currently zero in Vermont :joy:. Thanks for the input , I’ll let you know what happens.

Hey I just wanted to say thank you! I followed the steps you gave me yesterday, let the system do it’s thing until this morning with some adjustments, and it all seems great! Thanks so much, you have saved us time and money.

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