C-Wire Thermostat question

I have the attached setup, 2 wires for heat and 3 for a/c. There is a zone adapter in my basement because I have 2 heat zones. A bit confused how I could use the c wire adapter.

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Attached a pic of my zone adapter

I cannot locate your thermostat wires on your zone adapter. Do your thermostat control wires run somewhere else before somehow interfacing with your zone adapter?

So it services 2 zones, It is on the upper right corner of the zone adapter. A white and red cable from zone 1 and zone 2.

Zone 2 is the one that goes the thermostat I want to set up

This is the picture from the boiler, it is a bit of a mess so I am not sure I want to touch it unless I have to

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The C-wire adapter will connect to your existing wires on one side and connect to their corresponding terminals on the other. There will be one wire lift on the adapter they you’ll need to connect to the C terminal on your control board. The power will then be sent down the G wire.

@Brlepage, my question is, I have the zone adaptor which only has the heat wires for 2 different zones (red and white for upstairs and downstairs). My house needs two thermostats. I am not sure where to hook up the C-wire adapter. As you can see the wires on the boiler are a total mess. I also have 2 R’s as you can see an Rh and Rc effectively, My setup isnt as clean as the video install so thats why i am asking for help

It’s not suggested to install the Wyze thermostat in houses with multiple thermostats. You may be able to do this, but I’m unsure how. I will tag in a knowledgeable user, @Brian to see if they can help.

Well this is a tricky one…

On the top left of the Taco board there is a green 2 wire terminal labeled “24VAC”. The bottom of those 2 terminals says “COM” which is where you’ll get your C-Wire from. You’ll have to see if you have a spare wire in the sleeve going to your thermostat for the C wire.


thanks @Brian, it is actually a bit strange. I see 2 green wires at the taco board that are not connected to anything and go up through the ceiling along with the 4 (2 red and white) cables. I got really excited about this before But at the thermostat I clearly only 2 cables. One with 3 wires for A/C and one with 2 wires for heat. I am not sure if i can use the C wire adaptor at all can I? Would my only option be to run a new 8 wire setup through to the thermostat. Can I use a 24v plug in transformer ( I think i can for my other heat only thermostat and just plug that into Rc and C?). But if i want to control my thermostat with both heat and A/C what are my options?

Running a new 8 wire will be plenty for your setup if you can get it ran. The transformer terminals on the taco board will be fine to power.

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@Brian, is that my only option? C-wire adaptor won’t work in any way?

You need at least 4 wires to the thermostat for the C Wire Adapter to work properly. The G wire becomes C when using the adapter. It is possible it might work. :thinking:

Ya problem is I’m not even sure where the a/c wires are coming from, it is not close to the taco board at all. No one has this same issue?

I have a two thermostat HVAC system.
One thermostat has a c wire but the second does not have a c wire.

  1. Can I replace both thermostats with two WYZE thermostats and if so how (will I need the CWA)?
  2. if replacing two thermostats is not an option can I replace the one with a c wire with a WYZE thermostat.