Wyze Thermostat Help,


I’m working on getting my Wyze Thermostat setup but I ran into a snag. On the thermostat, I have Rc jumped to R, Y, W and G. So the instructions say I need to install the adapter at the control panel. However, when I look at the control panel, the C is in use and the instructions indicate it should be open. It appears the wire in C goes to a PVC pipe on the drain line. All that being said, the instructions do say if a terminal at the control is sharing a wire, it should be ok as long as you just replace the thermostat wires with the adapter so is this ok with C as well? Thanks.

Welcome to the Wyze community @MikeCTX!

Leave the existing wires in the C terminal, add the adapter and connect the 4 wires to the adapter as indicated in the Wyze app.

It’s common to have more than one wire on C, but you may not need the adapter, is this blue wire part of the thermostat cable? If so, do you see it at the thermostat? If it’s a spare wire, you can use it for C & not use the adapter.


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