New wyze-lamp-socket

New wyze lamp socket questions -
Does it have to connect to wireless?
Can it easily be used as just a dumb device?

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I figure it connects just like the bulbs. Also, consider that your socket must always be on for it to work. If you have more than one socket on a switch, they’ll all need smart bulbs, or these sockets (or they can stay on all the time).

The socket DOES have to be powered full time to provide power to the V3 cam (5v/1A).

The cam in turn will control the socket via spotlight commands over the cam’s serial cable (just like with a spotlight accessory).

Because the cam communicates with the socket over the serial cable, that USB cable must be data-capable, but one is provided.

The socket does not use WiFi, but does have Bluetooth to coordinate the action of multiple sockets.

The bulb does NOT have to be smart, but it does have to be 30W or smaller (so LED or CFL).

The bulb can be automatically controlled by the cam based on movement or darkness, or you can program it to turn the light on and off via rules at sunrise & sunset (or any other time).

This is the new product they are talking about:


Excellent info. Thank you.

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Could you please write the ads for their new items :slight_smile:
Good info, appreciate it.


good info, it’s much more tied to the cam than I thought. I assume this means the cam is what provides the motion trigger to turn on the light?

I’m currently using a light bulb socket to outlet adapter to power a V3 on the back door of my garage. The problem is, the light is on 1 wall, the v3 is around the corner about 6’ away on another wall. If the motion trigger to turn on the light relies on the v3 motion, someone could approach the back door from out of the v3s view. I was hoping the wyze socket had the motion detection on itself.

This socket does not have it’s own PIR motion sensor. It is dependent on the camera for motion detection.

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Can you screw multiple adapters together to control multiple cameras (space allowing)? Anyone try this? Or better yet, is one adapter powerful enough to control multiple cameras (with the appropriate power cable splitter)?

The lack of WiFi is a negative especially for remote control but this is still nice. Not being WiFi means it’s not Alexa compatible?

Not so unusual installation. (I also predicated this with the assumption that everything will fit.)

At one time I had two V2’s daisy chained together powered from a light socket using a light socket to outlet adapter and 1 Wyze V2 power adaptor. Then V3’s came along without daisy chaining support so I bought a 2A/5V adapter to replace the Wyze one and with an appropriate power splitter I can now power two V3’s from a single light socket. This works no problem even with SD cards.

A link of my installation for this is here:

(Light Socket->Light Socket Adapter->2A/5V Power Adapter->power splitter cable->2 V3’s.)

1 LED light is about 9W and 2 V3’s are 10W so we are under the 30W for the socket. If the WiFi controlled V3 controls the socket then perhaps it can be Alexa controlled. I think the socket provides the power for the V3 and not vice-versa.

I don’t see how this is very complicated. The question I have is what is the power output of the socket to the V3 and has anyone (beta testers, Wyze) tried screwing two together which would be necessary if the output of the socket is say only 1A/5V?

PS: Here’s a link for the socket to outlet adapter I use:

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Does the socket require a connected V3? It seems like it does which would reduce its utility IMO. Would it work without a connected (or non-connected but nearby) V3? Since the socket doesn’t use WiFi you would have to connect to it through Bluetooth, like the headphones, so it seems like it might be possible. Just trying to nail this down.

From the FAQ:

Can I use it without a Wyze Cam?
No, you must have at least one Wyze Cam v3 connected to the lamp socket.

But this seems to imply you can have more than one V3 connected to a lamp socket.

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Yes. The socket must be controlled, and that happens over the serial connection to a V3.

No, it would not. It needs a physical serial connection to a V3.

No, that is not possible. The sockets talk to each other via Bluetooth for synchronization of multiple sockets. The V3 doesn’t have Bluetooth, and you don’t want to be dependent on your phone device being on and present to handle it. So Bluetooth is only for socket-to-socket communication.

As far as a V3 connection reducing it’s utility, know the socket doesn’t have it’s own PIR motion sensor, so it depends on the V3 for sense and control. That is a tradeoff with inexpensive products – not building everything into every device. The socket requires a V3 for control. However, one V3 can control multiple sockets via their shared Bluetooth network.

Based on your responses and what I’ve gathered elsewhere it looks like the socket and V3 must be directly connected so the socket is not a standalone product at this time. :(.

While I haven’t found the spec for it, I think the power output of the socket is probably comparable to the power adapter for the V3 and so I could not power 2 V3’s with a splitter cable and expect it to work 100%.

I think there is a good chance that stacking the sockets would work but the innermost socket would have to be on 100% of the time and the outermost socket could be scheduled or used to trigger a bulb. I’m not sure if it’s worth it over what I already have. It’s a shame that the socket is not standalone.

Thanks for your responses.

After reading all of the comments above, it’s kind of a bummer if it requires a V3 to make good use of the socket.

Anyone know if the lamp socket will work on 240 volts?

Good information. Thanks
Do you have the dimensions of the Wyze lamp socket? I want to make sure that this will fit into my lamp socket.
Also since it connects to a V3 by USB port, can it be used with a V2?
Can you also explain how to use a Wyze cam to control the light bulb?

I do know it cannot be used with a v2

Does anyone know if there would be any problems using the socket in a floodlight fixture that is under an eave? Tia.

All the Wyze camera AC DC power adapters work with 100 to 240 volts. Does anyone know if the lamp socket will also work on a 240 volt supply?

The light socket increases the height of the bulb about 1-5/8", and the diameter is 2-3/8" (about the diameter of a bulb).


The light socket becomes an accessory to the controlling cam V3 it powers. So it operates the same as a Spotlight accessory, from the V3 accessories menu. This is why it can’t be used with a V2 – a V2 can’t control external light accessories.

No problem. The socket is rated for damp locations from at least -4°F to 120°F. (I’d guess further)

It will not. All Wyze bulbs and now this socket are rated for 120V/60Hz.

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Thanks Newshound. Sounds good

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