New wrist bands - shareable data?

I pre-ordered a Wyze wrist band. I’m wondering if it will allow me to share real-time data with someone. Example: if I have an elderly relative with a heart issue or a pacemaker or something like that, could I set the wrist band to alert me when they are having an irregular heartbeat? (or heart STOPS?) I think this would be a useful feature.

EDIT: Now that I have received it, I see it does all that is advertised and expected. I like it. That said, I would LOVE to be able to download steps/heartbeat/sleep/run data to a spreadsheet on my pc. I’d also like to be able to share data with my family. Not sure why I would be limited in the number of alarms or shortcuts I can add too. If I want the ability to toggle my bedroom light on AND off, I have to add TWO shortcuts, not just one that toggles on & off. Seems odd.