New V2 cam won't detect 2.4GHz network for set up

I have 4 Wyze cam V2’s all set up just fine. I just got a 5th one and it won’t detect my 2.4GHz network. It finds my 5GHz network but of course won’t let me connect to it. Can anyone help?

The Wyze cameras do not have a 5 GHz radio. It can’t possible detect a network that is operating on 5 GHz. If your “5 GHz” network is actually dual band (most are), it should be able to detect and usually connect to the 2.4 GHz portion of a dual band access point. Some really old firmware would detect but fail to connect to some dual band access points, but that was fixed a long time ago.

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From your post, I assume you have a router with both 2.4 and 5ghz. Are they using the same SSID and password? Is your phone connected to the 5ghz? If so, can you connect to the 2.4ghz on the phone? Are you certain you are using the correct SSID and password?

There isn’t anyway for the camera to detect the 5ghz network. It only has a 2.4ghz chip.

Recent link for a similar problem:

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Well it did detect my 5ghz network only. But wouldn’t let me connect to it. After posting this I had a thought. My phone is set to my 5ghz network. So I changed the wifi to my 2.4ghz network as it did finally appear for the cam setup. And presto, it connected. It was because my cell wifi was set to 5ghz.

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It really wasn’t the camera detecting the 5ghz network. The camera setup is run from the phone and uses the network information from it to setup the camera, not the other way around.

Glad you got it connected.


Thanks so much. Glad it was an easy fix. I’ve learned alot but forget things as I go regarding the Wyze cams, lol.