Wireless 5GHz radio?

New user. I just setup 2 V3 Cams and although they seem to be working great I wish Wyze would make it known these things will not work with 5 GHz radios. During the setup they detect both 2.4 and 5 GHz radios but will only “find” the network if selecting the 2.4 GHz radio. Why on earth would it display both radios during setup if it will only connect to one? That makes no sense.

The network requirements for all Wyze cams are stated on the product packaging and the Wyze Store website. Network type and WiFi frequency band is located on the bottom of your v3 box:

When setting up your v3 cam, the cam is not detecting the networks… your phone detects all networks and passes the info to the Wyze app. You select which network to connect to via the app.


Ah…that makes sense. Unfortunately the boxes are at the location I set them up at. RTFM!!!

Thanks for the helpful reply.

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No problem and welcome to the Wyze community BamaInArk. :+1: