New user: How can I save a day's activity? Do I need to upload that day to a computer for permanency. Tx!

Ways to save a particular day’s activities.

If you use an SD card, you can remove the SD card and insert it into a computer and copy over the data.

If you only have cloud videos, you will have to open each event and tell it to download that event. This will take a long time.

Wyze is working on allowing people to save all their video directly to a computer harddrive connected up to Wyze’s new Mesh Router Pro, but the feature isn’t available yet. It is in progress.

A slightly more convenient, but more complicated option is to set up a program called Docker Wyze Bridge on a computer. Then the computer can just capture the video stream itself live all day long and save the video directly that way.


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Yeah. No real easy way to get a full day’s video.

The bulk Cloud Event download feature has been requested in the #wishlist. You can follow the link, vote at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts on posts, and add your post request in reply at the bottom.

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