New thermostat violated principle of least surprise

This is more of a gripe or suggestion than a question. We just installed a thermostat, lucky to discover that the old building had a 5 not 4 wire cable, able to connect both ends and not need to use the C wire adapter. Turning everything on for testing, however, discovered that even telling it to heat 2 degrees above present temperature did… Nothing. Worried us that we had miswired somehow. During the initial test, it turned on the fan but not the heat. Also misleading.

Only much later came to understand that it was using a 2° swing, hysteresis, because we had said, not knowing any better, to value savings over comfort. To me this seems wrong, even dumb old mechanical thermostats have a little hysteresis, out of necessity so they don’t cycle on and off too quickly, but it shocks and surprises users to have a 2° swing occur without warning making it impossible to do good testing.

As Ogden Nash said, “too clever is dumb.”