New Thermostat issues

So I setup and was using the new Thermostat but things seems off so far. Temps seems to jump around when looking at them in the app and the Furnace seems to run constantly.

I had temps set between 65-68 and the house was constantly above these temps. Thermostat would state its 74 in the room and I would randomly hear the furnace kick on and hear the baseboard heat kick on. I have swapped back to my nest for the time being as its just burning through oil and the house is just way warmer then I want.

I have a basic 2 wire furnace RH and W1 and using a 24v Transformer connected to the RC and C for power. Not sure if anyone else is running into similar issues or not. It looks like everything works when its connected and tests pass when I run them. Not sure if anyone else is seeing similar results or not.

I had a two wire setup and couldn’t get it to work. I added a 3rd wire this evening on the advice of another member (raym64) and now mine works. The new wire was added to the common terminal on my weil-mcclain hydronic boiler. Not sure if yours is the same setup, but it sounds like it (also not sure if that’s even your problem). Hopefully you find your answer. Maybe shoot him a message and ask him. Once it works, it’s great!

This actually sounds like a defective unit? If it’s turning the furnace on when it, itself, reports a temperature different than its trigger is set…

The poster has successfully used a Nest so I don’t think power is the issue.

Testing now but believe I found the problem. There was a bit of exposed wire on the RH and W1 that may have been touching causing the furnace to run. Trimmed them up and giving it another go to see if it works better.

Still no success. In the short time I had it hooked back up the furnace kicked back on 2 times in about 5 mins even though it was reporting the temp was above the threshold.

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I sent an email to Weil about the ultra 3 boiler. They said that a smart thermostat would draw to much power and you would need to use a transformer to add more power. I asked if they suggested one and they said no. I’m still trying to find out about the wyze c “adapter” and what they mean by that.

Same issue with the “current temperature” drastically changing even while looking it at on screen. I watched it climb from 68 to 71, then jump back down to 67 kicking the furnace on (I had it set for 68) in a matter of seconds.

I too have this issue, but live in a warm environment so my issue is the opposite. My AC turns on to cool down to 74 at night, the thermostat hits 74 and turns off as expected, but I can watch it for 1-2 minutes after the AC turns off and the temperature goes from 74 to 75…76…77 and the AC turns back on again. This is hard on my unit and I would like to better understand why this happens. In fact it woke me up last night at 4am and I opened my phone and turned the thermostat off from cool and watched it for 5 minutes, with the thermostat set to off the temperature held fine at 74…very weird. I am getting close to sending these back and buying something else because lord knows what this will do to my electric bill during summer time!!

Do no smart thermostats have an ordinary three way Heat / Cool / Auto switch?