New products available in! 12/16/22

This one goes out to our Canadian friends! We recently added several products to our Canadian shop including 256GB microSD cards! :canada:


What’s the life rating of these cards compared to other dashcam/security camera rated micro SDs reporting between 20,000 -120,000 hrs?

To be honest, I don’t know how to answer that. So I’ll see if @Bam has info for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


ok…this is not going to be a very good explanation. bear with me. so going on the GENERAL math and estimated write/ life cycles of a non endurance card ( roughly 10k cycles.) and the amount of time this card would at 2k resolution ( using the V3pro) this card would be good for approximately 833 days of continuous recording writing over itself. ( not withstanding possible errors on the cards) I think my math is right there.

these cards are not high endurance but they are backed up by the Wyze name.
but as they are not high endurance they are more likely…not that it WILL happen but simply more likely to get errors due to the hard use. most people dont realize that formats are good for the health of cards and help prevent errors. I try to format mine monthly. that can help with non endurance cards that are used for constant video recording.

one other thing I noticed…these cards ( the bigger ones) are currently only offered in the Wyze canada store. make sure if you are in the states to order from the right store.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions on my guestimates, get at me :slight_smile:

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Awesome, and thanks for the response. Totally understand the difference in high endurance cards, just noticed it wasn’t specifically called out so was curious. I think it might be good to mention lifecycle on the product description for anyone curious. Obviously if it’s made by/for Wyze that’s taken into consideration but would be good for knowledge.

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Pardon my ignorance, but I was under the impression that frequent formatting will shorten the life of the card, as it is with Solid State Drives. Am I wrong to assume this?

I think it depends on the TYPE of formatting you do. By my understanding, most of the time, SSD’s just do a “Quick Format” which is simply removing the File Allocation Table, not actually doing anything to the data sectors. Formatting in this sense just erases the tiny file that tracks where all the files are. When that table is factory reset (heh, from our previous conversation this is very appropriate), then the drive treats every sector like it is “blank” and doesn’t care what used to be there anymore. Thus, Formatting is nearly inconsequential and not harmful because it is not actually writing data and it is not shortening the lifespan of the SSD. This is a common misunderstanding.

THOUGH, doing a thorough type of formatting (the kind where it actually writes scrambled blank data over the top of every sector 1-7 times to ensure previous data is nearly absolutely unrecoverable…yeah, that is definitely bad for an SSD…or at least it wears it out much quicker and nearly pointlessly (unless you work for government intelligence or something).

I think for consumers what is often confused with formatting being bad is actually things like “Defragmenting” an SSD…which serves no useful purpose and is unnecessarily harmful as it DOES actually affect every sector for nearly no purpose.

Either way, you’re right, the wrong kind of formatting CAN be bad, but for the most part, usually nobody really does that kind of formatting on SSD’s.

That is how I have always understood it at least. Format, as in remove the File Allocation Table, no big deal…format as in write random data to every sector? Terrible idea. :slight_smile: Gah…another semantical definition issue for us. :rofl:

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So, am I correct to assume that Wyze formatting is a Quick Erase ( I should know this as it takes seconds to format an SD card via Wyze app)?

EDIT: I will not sue you if my SD card fails prematurely :slight_smile:



Non topic related, are you in a different time zone (non EST) or just a night owl like me?

While I can’t definitively say so with absolute certainty, I would be shocked if the Cam format was more extensive. It is specifically made for SD card formating. And as you pointed out, it’s so fast it does not have enough time to write over every sector.

I live in Mountain Time. But yes, usually a night owl. Often up until 4am MT… Trying really hard to get back to going to bed earlier for my wife’s sanity. But I might have to go see an ADHD doctor to help me get stuff done in the daytime and not suffer from this stupid revenge sleep procrastination or delayed sleep phase syndrome stuff. Might need sleeping pills… So much easier to get work done while everyone in the house is finally asleep though.

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Amen to that brother :slight_smile: Same sentiment here.

I believe the cameras do do a quick format not a full format and outside of that, every single thing @carverofchoice stated absolutely knocked it out of the park 100%.

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