New OG camera events won’t show in the all events tab

I recently added 4 OG cameras to the 5 V3 cameras I’ve had for a year. The OG camera event will show at the individual camera level but not in the “all events “ tab.

It’s wyrking for me. See my screen recording. Can you also re-create the bug with a screen recording?

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Use the Funnel Icon in the upper right of the Events Page.

Scroll down the list of filters to be sure that your new OG cams are selected to show. You can either press “Clear All” to remove all filters and show all events, or you can check each cam and event type you want to see, leaving some filters in place. Using the “Cameras” button in the top right will do the same, but will only bring up your Camera Filters options.

What I have discover this morning is that sound events are seen at the camera level events only and not in the all events screen. I am not able to save and send vidio

The Events that are listed in the “Recent Events” when in the Live Stream for the cam are the same Events saved to the Server as the Events listed in the Events Tab.

Check your Filters if you are not seeing the Sound Events. Use the Funnel Icon. The filter for Sound Events is at the bottom.

Sound Events show up in the Events List just like all other Events Videos, provided you have your Event Filters set to show them.

You can download and share Sound Events Video the same as other Events Videos, using the Download and Share buttons.

Let side this issue as I seem to be getting all events in the all events tab. Is it possible that turning off notifications could have been part of my problem?

No. Turning off notifications will not affect the upload of Events or what Events are showing within the Events Tab.

The Events Tab Filters are what determines which Events show in your Events list.

The “Recent Events” showing under the Live View of the OG is a limited list only for that cam and only for the recent past. That listing has independent filters that do not affect the filters in the Events Tab list.