New idea for cameras

I work in law enforcement and we wear body cameras. I think that the body camera field is an untapped potential for Wyze and it should definitely be explored in-depth! I think with your innovative approach and cost effective strategy, your company could revolutionize and capitalize of the field of law enforcement, fire and rescue and EMS; pretty much all aspects of first responders. I have some ideas on design and some insight on the field of application as well.

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Absolutely! The applications are endless!

Since there is difficulty getting ‘chips’, I’ve considered options and improvements that require no chips.

  1. Offer LONG USB cables with weather boots. I currently purchase from other sources.
  2. Offer lens add-on for various strength of telephoto lens options
  3. Offer ‘Barn Door’ type option. I have near by lights or even the SUN that’s I’d like to avoid /shield.
  4. Software to allow local NAS file storage from Camera.