New Floodlight Pro as Front Porch Light?

Thanks for the pictures. Yes, the brightness can be reduced but because it’s a cool white, isn’t still too glaring for the eyes of anyone (even yourself), who’s at your door? This is why a warmer color temperature is needed, even if it’s with a filter over the LED’s. And even with them for my house, I’d probably angle the floods so the light fills my porch but doesn’t burn someone’s retina’s out.

I guess it would still be too bright in a neighborhood or city setting. If you’re in the middle of nowhere then bright is better. Since you know there are not many reasons for an unknown person to come to your door. Yeah we are working with the angles of the lights to light up a little more of the yard. We have bear, coyote and bobcats. We need to see everything especially since our work schedules sometimes has us out in the pitch dark. I don’t want to startle any momma animals.

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Yes! Some of everything visits us. We know the black bear are out there and thankfully we have not come face to face. Just trail cams. We’ve seen the bob cats, coyotes, rattlesnakes, deer, turkeys, hawks, owls, eagles, crows, armadillo etc. I’m seeing animals and creatures I’ve never seen before growing up in Mi. I can say it is beautiful.

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Thank you!

NICE! Feel free to post any video examples you get on your cams. You can start your own thread with them, or lots of people are sharing ongoing animal videos in threads like this one:

You’re always welcome to join in. :+1:

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Amen. Make it so Wyze…

That said, the camera should be able to rotate it’s camera Forward, Right or Left and any point in between to account for the multiple ways a porch light is mounted to the wall at one’s front door.

As I approach my front door, the porch light is on a wall to the right, so if Wyze only faces forward with the camera, I’d have a nice picture of the wall across from where it points.

Mounting the Floodlight Pro at this location would not work well.

I don’t think there’s much in the way of a Porch Light Camera on the market. Wyze would, IMO, sell many of this device if they had one available, and designed it correctly.

I’d prefer a model where the Camera was hidden, or not the ‘main event’ of the porch light.


Yes, Wyze does need to make a porch light with camera! Something that looks good against a wall or as a hanging fixture.

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I think a Porch Light with camera would be a great addition to the Wyze line up. My HOA won’t allow a flood light to be mounted at the entry way.

The only competitor right now is something from eufy.


Please grant this wish.