Porch Light/Fixture Ideas

I would like to see a decorative style porch light. The floodlight is good for the back, side of house, back of garage. But for your front door or lighting for garage where door is located at the front you want something a little more decorative looking.
Features could be:

  • Integrated LED lighting, similar to floodlight so it is adjustable. Or, standard A19 bulb fitting for use with replaceable LED/Incandescent light bulbs or Wyze Bulbs.
  • Dusk to dawn where light sits at 5-15% light (user selectable possibly) until motion detected then goes brighter (100% or user selectable).
  • Integrated mounting plate for Cam v3.
  • Added USB port (or 2) for additional Cam v3 or Pan v3. If single USB port, maybe a USB Y-Split Cable so that two additional cameras could be attached.

Instead of a light bulb camera or lamp socket what about a porch light with integrated camera? Mounting and AC are already there. That would be a cleaner and nicer looking install. A competitor for this would be the Kuna smart security light.

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Wall mount wired porch light camera

Similar to the KUNA brand porch light cameras

Camera is hidden, not easily visible and porch lights are designed and paintable to latch house color so as to be HOA friendly… Many HOAs require architectural approval before putting up surveillance cameras but having one hidden in a wired light fixture with built in controllable lighting would be a great workaround and a no brainer … ! Bonus if it pans/zooms/tracks motion

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I’d really like Wyze to make a front porch light with a camera, where the light can also be adjusted to a warm temperature light. And so the light can be setup to go to a bright cool temperature light during a time period at night from a motion event. With a housing that can also be used in a hanging fixture overhead porch light.

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Simply put… flood lights are not attractive for the front of the house. We mainly want cameras for the front of the house. Not all of us have doorbell wiring, or want to install the wiring or want to deal with battery doorbells. A standard porch downlight with a camera solves this problem. Basically just like your flood lights but make a simple black light.