New Feature, "Request Dispatch"?

A cam I had gotten for my daughter has a new feature. She said she wanted to subscribe to it but I had no idea what it was. None of my cams have that feature. She sent me a screenshot and I circled the new feature.

I think that’s for cam plus protect

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Yeah that’s what I wondered. She clicked on it and got the scoop. Which looks like protect to me…


Yep, if you scroll up in that screen it should say cam protect at the top.

This is a new feature that was just rolled out. If you don’t have it make sure everything is up to date. I think it’s only one a few cam models right now.

What Cam model, Firmware version, App version combo did that appear in?

She has the V3 I had it sent to her last year and she does let it update whenever it pops up. I don’t know the version. I’d have to talk her through that part. I do have Cam Protect in my V2 (or V3?) Pro that came with a free yr subscription, but I disabled it since I don’t need it where the cam currently is.

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I’ll ask her to scroll up on that screen. I just thought it was interesting that it showed up on her main screen like that.

Thx. Was just looking to see if I could reproduce it. Kind of curious if it will only be showing up for certain users. I have HMS and therefore ineligible, might be why I don’t see it.

Yeah weird. Yup, it’s at the top of her screen.


Yea I see that on most cams cuz I don’t have HMS or cam protect.

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I just got an update in the app. As well as a notice of what they added. Hmm now it’s not allowing me to upload a photo.

Whats it saying when you try to upload a photo?

It wasn’t saying anything, it just did nothing. And the text box was being covered up. Wondering if it was my phone, because now it’s allowing me to do it.

Weird, there was a Wyze outage recently but I don’t think it affected the forum.

I’m guessing it was my cell phone. I had to delete a lot of stuff from it a few days ago, including the storage card, and then it started functioning better. I’ll attribute it to that.

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So does anyone else have a problem with this appearing on the camera home screen?
I am not a Cam Protect subscriber so I now have what amounts to an ad every time I view a camera.
I can think of several icons I’d rather see here than a service I do not subscribe to.
I suppose someday we may see an option to customize the camera home screen, but this makes me think that will never be an choice.

I have the HMS Subscription. I am not seeing this on any of my cams. Because accounts that have HMS are ineligible \ not compatible for Cam Protect, I am speculating that I am not seeing it because it is verifying my subscription and hiding it since I cannot subscribe.

If this is the case, Wyze should also be able to hide it for those without Cam Protect. However, I also suspect that it is there for the marketing purpose you point out.

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