JUST GOT MY V2---check number 3!!!(( Feature Request)) and quick review

<h1>Just got it, I am very very very happy with my V2.</h1>
I would like to see things like:

1-Website/online interface. so I can keep it running on a big screen. (screen on with live feed showing cloud recording)(locked with pass so no one can edit settings)

2-option to turn off alerts on weekends, more alert customization, option to turn alerts on faster without going too deep in the settings (when leaving late or when not scheduled alert time) GPS on phone trigger?

3- WYZE CAM MERCH!!, warning signs/cards/stickers (24/7 cloud live feed) something serious or funny but delivers the point. if you want more support I am down (maybe we can buy to help support these new features everyone wants)
<h1>First impressions,</h1>
I always have issues with my stupid community wifi (cox bulk accounts) that my apartment provides, its free and super fast, BUT I had issues to the point where all my hue lights cant connect 99% of the times, amazon echo disconnected most of the time, same for printer and other security cams I tried. but Wyze was 100% connected

This camera (WYZE v2) is running smooth AF, not disconnecting, the app opens fast, connects fast, the sound was scary loud I was surprised! (on camera)

I love the build quality however the rotating thingy is not THAT firm, acceptable can be fixed with some glue or duct tape (cam won’t hold at some angles) works fine mostly. also, night mode is looking clean.

I should make a video about it on youtube.

I am writing this minutes before I go to bed so excuse my language, I couldn’t wait to share my first impressions. also, let me know if any of these features are currently available


Reduce the 5 minute timeout

whats that? I didn’t notice it?

That is the “cooldown” period that notifications are sent.

In other words, if the cam detects something, then that 12 sec clip is saved to cloud. You will not get another clip or notification for another 5 mins, so, if something was to happen before that cooldown period has expired, the cam wouldn’t have recorded anything or sent a notification.


This is why you need a microSD card in it, and set it to continuous recording, so you at least have some footage.

But if someone breaks in your house or spots an outside cam they can grab it and you have no additional footage. If you didn’t catch their face in the first 12 seconds you may be SOL