Doing a review on Wyze Cam v2, what should I make sure to show?

This will be my first ever Wyze cam and I’m super excited to get it later today. I’ll be reviewing it for my Youtube channel and posting some time next week. For those of you who have one already, what features should I make sure to talk about? This is going to be an introduction for most people on my channel to Wyze cam so I want to make sure to show off the coolest stuff and things that might entice people to purchase one (besides the price).

I add a lot of humor in my videos so I’ll make sure to find fun and unusual ways to use the camera (already considering putting it in my car) but I wanted to make sure to hit anything that you guys love about your cameras.



Show the good stuff of course, but touch on the downsides as well. Any review that misses the bad along with the good isn’t really a review.

The mount - what it can and can’t do. Show how much it moves with light touch and movement of the cable. Show how easy it is to shift your view

The setup - once you figure it out, show the trick to getting the QR code to read

Show image quality both day and night vision.

Show the SD card slot - show how difficult it is to remove without completely moving the camera (ie taking it into your hand)

Talk about the USB connection and how you can daisy chain cameras off of one power connection

Show the lights on the back and how when installed in many instances you can’t see this light without doing a yoga pose or taking the camera into your hand

Most important. Talk about any connectivity issues, error messages or video lags that these cameras have - you might want to mention what make & model of router they are connected through at that point.

Play with the app, learn what you do and don’t like. This really is the product you are buying. The camera is mass produced and not unique at all to Wyze. IMHO, the app is where the future improvements will happen (that is after they fix the connectivity issues).


Hey Travy_Trav! Once you get your YouTube video posted be sure to let us know. Excited to see what you think of our cameras!

Personally, I’d love to see where and how you end up using the cameras. We’re always hearing stories from customers about all of the creative ways they’re using Wyze Cam.

OK, the video is up!


I don’t typically do 10 minute videos but even after some aggressive editing, I just went over 10 mins. I enjoyed the experience and can’t say enough about how much value there is in this camera. I did point out a couple of places where improvements could be made but I have no problems recommending this product to friends.

Enjoy, and if you like it, feel free to share with your friends or people looking to get into a Wyzecam.

You get a thumbs up and extra points for enthusiasm.

Well, still waiting for mine to ship, sort of wish I ordered more than one, but the video was great and of course I went to youtube to look at your other stuff!!!

Thanks guys (and gals). I hope it excites you for the product. And thanks for checking out the channel!

OP followed through with flying colors! Awesome video! We found the car mount hilarious :smiley:

Great video! My cam comes in tonight. Can’t wait to plug it in.

Love your review, Trav! Let us share it on our social channel too!

Do it! :slight_smile:

Great video Travy! Thanks for sharing! I have two V1s and got two V2s today! All 4 are up and running! Time to buy more!