New day, same problem... Recorded clips only showing snapshot, no video

This is really annoying. It happens all the time but I got tired of complaining about it.

After the broken notifications finally got less broken (not completely fixed but better than it was), now I’m getting notified that a clip has been recorded but when I open the app and try to play the clip, all I get is a snapshot, no video, and the clip length shows 0:00.

Like I said, this happens all the time intermittently. Some days it’s fine, other days it’s not.

Does Wyze have a fix for this?

Do you have cam plus lite? It’s a pay what you want (or free) subscription to unlock person detection and 12 second event videos.

Also, make sure the cam is assigned to the license.

I have the full cam plus. Doesn’t make a difference.


Could you please provide me a logid? Thanks!


Hi, I checked the log you sent. Looks like you are still using 2.27 version app. We are currently 2.31 on googleplay store and will soon release the 2.32 version during this long weekend. As far as I know it does fix some issues on previous android app with cameras. Please try update the app and see if problems still exist.

Also, could you please submit another log for me? Please make sure you select the camera that you have issue with so I could check the camera info especially camplus service on my end. That could also help us to quickly locate your issue. Thank you so much!


Ok thanks. I did create the log file from the specific camera’s settings so you already have that. I’ll see if updating the app fixes anything. I guess I’ll wait until you release 2.32.

No problem. Please keep me updated if issue still happen. Private message or reply in this ticket both work. Thanks!

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Hi Guitarman,

The 2.32 app should be available on googleplay store now. Please update it and let us know if issue still exists. Thanks!

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