New Camera setup - do you have to update firmware?

I have just ordered two new V3s after one broke all by itself and the other was killed by the latest firmware update.

My question is (because I cannot remember):

When I set it up, do I HAVE to update the firmware straight away? - or can I leave it until Wyze produce an update that will not kill my new cameras


The vast majority of Firmware updates are voluntary. It should give you the option to decline the update when it pops up. But, I have found that most issues that cause a cam to fail are incomplete updates. That’s when the manual flash comes in handy.

Hi - thanks for such a fast reply.

I have tried looking for the instructions for flashing it from the SD card but no luck yet.

I’ve downloaded the firmware and I was expecting there would be instructions in the same place. Maybe I just missed the link as I was looking for it later last night. ( UK time zone)

Thanks - Pete

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@Omgitstony - excellent!

Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.