New Cam Plus Bundle Deal Lower Price

I tried sending this as an email as feedback. But there isn’t an email address I can send to, and support chat suggested I post this here. So… In regards to the new (and temporary) cam plus bundle, I just wanted to say, Wyze almost had me. But after crunching the numbers, it just isn’t where I’d like to see it. Make the annual plan $39.99 for 4 cams, and I’d do it. Maybe others will find it to be a good deal. But I’m still a little sore about the legacy person detection ordeal and would like for cam plus to be a little closer to that deal before I do it.

I do appreciate Wyze coming out with a bundle deal. But it’s just not quite there yet for me.

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So what exactly are we voting for? :slight_smile:

To lower the cost of the bundle.

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I would suggest adding this to your title.:grinning:

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