New Beta Firmware released on Cam V1

Hi guys, we released the Beta firmware on Cam V1 and it integrated the latest support to Wyze Sense. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you so much.

Cam V1

  • Integrated the latest firmware for Wyze Sense bridge
  • Added thumbnails for Event videos
  • Improved the security of time lapse downloading;
  • Applied the detection zone and sensitivity settings on local recording;
  • Fixed an issue may cause the cameras with SD card reboot
  • Security updates
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I confirm that the event video thumbnails are now working for me on V1s.


If you run into any upgrade issue on Cam V1, please let us know. Thank you so much.

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Just got a new router, with the new firmware, the voice that says ready to connect so lagged its choppy, after finally readying qr code, 150secs goes by and times out, took 5 tries to get one up, my pan took 3, other v1 took about 7,

Edit: Thumbnails working on all cams, Nice!

Wow that’s good they got thumbnails to work on v1…I thought they said it was a hardware limitation

I think the biggest limitation of the V1 hardware is the size of the firmware file it will accommodate (NV ram). They must have found a way to make it fit.