New Beta App released on 8/14

Interesting, I assume you have the older V1’s as well? The normal trouble shooting steps include power cycling the camera and potentially the router/modem whichever or both applies.

I like your idea! As a Wyze product user, I am a big fan of sunset and sunrise time trigger.

Like the new rules setup but would like to be able to give the time events a descriptive name more relevant than just the execution time.

Updated to this latest app build and all cameras’ thumbnails are just camera icons and not actual cam views.

I think you need to open a camera and watch for a few seconds. Then the icon will refresh.

I did view all cameras for 30 secs to over 1 minute and none of my 8 v2 cams showed any thumbnails, just cam icons. I already force-closed and re-opened the wyze app, no change.

I think that reply was meant for a different user?

Maybe… but I’m not holding my breath. :wink:

Holding my breath makes me dizzy so I stopped doing that. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I had the same problem with the prior Android Beta App 2.4.93, but it occurred with V1, V2 and Pan cameras. This required numerous power cycles of the cameras to resolve. While I wait for a response to my support request Re 2.4.93, I reverted to the production Android App 2.4.82 which is stable, and now do not plan to re-install any Beta App version until I am confident it will function acceptably. I will watch results of 2.5.20 before deciding to rejoin Beta.

I recognize the typical risks to stability with Beta apps, but that risk should extend mostly to new features present in the revised Beta App, not older features that have, or should have, matured.

[Update on 8/15] We found an issue may cause stuck at 3/3 on Cam v1 when watching live stream. The dev team is looking into it now. Please stay patient. Will fix it soon. Thank you.


You guys work fast! Great job!!


I signed up for beta knowing things like this could happen. Wyze has done a great job so far. In fact, this is the very first time I have experienced a stopping problem.

I will continue on beta and deal with interruptions if and when they appear. I understand your point though and thank you for your input.

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the app always crashes after the recent update.
android version.

same problem

Try deleting the app and then installing the app again. All your settings are on the server so you won’t loose anything.

It will record an event and notice motion and everything but won’t show the video in the app

Apparently there is an issue and Wyze is working to resolve it.

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Interesting that also recordes to the SD card so you can watch what was recorded